Icy Dock ICYRaid MB662U3-2S Dual-HDD Enclosure Review

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Technology is supposed to make life convenient for everyone. In the classic cartoon The Jetsons, it was depicted as coming to a point where people did not have to walk and had robot maids (although surprisingly, nobody was obese in that show). Yet, for every new gadget we get enamored with, more and more time is spent figuring how to work it out rather than actually enjoying the convenience it affords. This mostly has to do with the way gadgets are designed. No matter how brilliant the idea behind the gadget may be, if it was not designed in a way that is intuitive for most users, it most likely will not be widely adopted.

Icy Dock MB662U3-2S RAID Enclosure 


This doesn’t necessarily mean that things have to be “dumbed down” to reach broader appeal. True, it has to be simple enough that the inconvenience of the learning curve it presents does not thoroughly outweigh the advantages it presents, but it also has to be functional first and foremost. Granted, some aspects of computing are inescapably complicated, but there are others which needlessly are, such as setting up RAID drives.  Icy Dock, as one of the foremost names in storage solutions, has been aiming to simplify the process of external RAID solutions with their ICYRaid line of external enclosures.

Icy Dock MB662U3-2S RAID Enclosure


The Icy Dock ICYRaid MB662U3-2S, unlike other external USB 3.0 enclosures, has the hardware capability to run drives in RAID, independent of the PC. The ICYRaid MB662U3-2S replaces the discontinued MB662UEAB-2S, which used the older USB 2.0 and FireWire connection, with a much faster and more widely used USB 3.0 port.  Users can install a pair of 3.5” HDDs, up to 4TB in capacity each, for a total of up to 8TB of storage inside the Icy Dock MB662U3-2S.  To cool both drives when they are continuously used, the ICYRaid MB662U3-2S is equipped with a 40mm Sunon MAGLev fan that operates silently and can be adjusted through a built-in fan controller.  Users can configure drives installed inside the MB662U3-2S in RAID 0, RAID 1, BIG, or JBOD just by simply moving the RAID toggle switch and pressing the reset button while the enclosure is on. No further steps are required, other than formatting the drives or adjusting the partition when necessary, of course.  The Icy Dock ICYRAid MB662U3-2S is compatible with either Mac or PC and comes with a three-year limited warranty.