Icy Dock MB981U3S-1S HDD Docking Station Review

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The season of the Baltimore Orioles just came to an end. It lasted through 162 regular season games, 1 Wild Card Playoff game and 5 Division Series games. They took the NY Yankees to the limit in the series, and the final game featured a blown home run call that may well have turned the tide of the game. It may not have, but we will never know. It was a startling run, and somehow the ending of matching up with the Yankees and their payroll that sat $116,000,000 higher than the O’s seemed fitting. But after finishing 69-93 in 2011 and making no major star power moves in the off season, how did the Orioles get to where they were in the first place?

Icy Dock MB981U3S-1S


The Orioles rise was done the old fashioned way. They didn’t hire flashy mercenaries or bump up their payroll. As a matter of fact, their payroll actually declined. They did it with solid reliable performance in each facet of the game. There wasn’t an area that drew attention, and there were no areas that they were weak in. They went out in workmanlike manner and delivered solid performance. Personally, I wish more products were designed this way. I don’t need flashing lights. I need my pieces to be built solidly, and deliver solid all-around performance. Hey, it worked for the O’s, and it certainly works for peripherals.

Icy Dock MB981U3S-1S


Time after time, Icy Dock has delivered products that are rock solid in every aspect, and the MB981U3S-1S HDD Docking Station is no exception. While docking stations are not an item that would be “feature rich”, the Icy Dock MB981U3S-1S covers all of the functions one could ask for and does it in typical excellent fashion. The MB981U3S is capable of both 2.5” and 3.5” drive compatibility with a simple drop in. Connectivity features 5Gbps USB 3.0 SuperSpeed, as well as 3Gbps eSATA. Backwards compatibility to USB 2.0 assures that usage with older computers will not be an issue. The MB981U3S features a rugged ABS outer shell, with dual opening dust cover for easy drive insertion. An oversized eject button makes drive removal as easy as a simple button push. The On/Off button has a built in LED with power and drive activity indicators. Included with the MB981U3S-1S are USB 3.0 and eSATA cables, as well as a power adapter.