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Imagine how long it took for news to arrive to the rest of the United States when President Lincoln was elected and when he was assassinated.  Before the information even got out of the neighboring States, Vice President Johnson was already sworn in as President.  Information carried through horseback was not the most efficient means of news dissemination.  Samuel Morse had already developed the telegraph by that time but the news still had to be hand delivered to the recipient.  Soon after, development in air travel and the telephone improved the speed of information travel drastically, although it still paled in comparison to the revolution brought on by the age of the Internet.

Patriot Node WiFi Enclosure


Sharing information, documents, images, photos and videos have now become part of our everyday life, due to the proliferation of mobile devices that have enough processing power to act as a mobile personal computer.  If you live in a major metropolitan area, Wi-Fi networks are everywhere and even restaurants have begun offering Wireless connection to their patrons for free.  Wireless connectivity is not just an alternative method of distribution, it is now the norm. Patriot Memory is aware of this trend and has been hard at work designing a drive enclosure for the modern Internet age.

Patriot Node WiFi Enclosure


The Patriot Gauntlet Node Wi-Fi enclosure supports 2.5” SATA solid-state or hard drives and has an optional USB 3.0 port for hardwired connectivity.  The Patriot Gauntlet Node Wireless enclosure can wirelessly stream up to 8 devices simultaneously and supports wireless B/G/N standards for up to a 150Mbps transfer rate.  On a single charge, the Gauntlet Node enclosure from Patriot can last up to 5.5 hours of operation, so users can enjoy streaming and file sharing while on the go.  The Gauntlet Node wireless enclosure is also accessible through the Gauntlet Connect Android or iOS app, so documents, music, images, and videos can be shared on mobile devices.