Fractal Design Newton R3 1000 Watt 80-PLUS Platinum Power Supply Review

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The company you keep absolutely skews people’s perceptions of you. This goes from prior to meeting you to still having an effect after there is familiarity. Many times this is used to great advantage, where running with the right crowd can get your foot in the door in situations you couldn’t have otherwise. Think about it, if you see a guy sitting with a group of jet-setters and financial wizards in a club, you are going to assume that he fits into that mold. Your expectation is not going to be that he is an unemployed dishwasher who happens to be one of their wives’ cousins, and the next thing you know you are listening to this guy’s financial advice in earnest. It may be very sound advice learned through exposure, or it could entirely be a front, but you are listening in detail based entirely off your perception from the situation. It works conversely, as well. Imagine applying for a position at a well-respected law/financial/etc. firm. You interview well, and have the experience, education and knowhow for the position. During the background check a simple search brings up a hundred videos you are “tagged” in by your “friends”. Only problem being, these are sophomoric videos of people you haven’t seen since high school wearing their baseball caps with the brims to the side while grabbing their crotches. Suddenly, your credibility is down the toilet and they are on to the next applicant.

Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W PSU


While this seems a stretch in computer components, it happens regularly. Product reputations are often built solely on the company they keep, which, in this case, is totally unrelated products from the same manufacturer. Think about it for a second. Company X is a well-known manufacturer of high quality video cards. They have built a reputation of only offering excellent designs with outstanding durability, and have backed it up with outstanding customer support. If Company X decides to introduce a line of RAM, the immediate perception will be that the RAM follows the company line and will be of exceedingly high quality. This perception will persist regardless of the RAM’s actual performance. Even marginal performance will have fans of Company X’s video cards claiming it is the best performing RAM on the market, and reviews will flow with rose colored glasses worn during the testing. We have seen it over and over on products of all shapes and sizes. One company that has yet to stray from its company line, albeit in a small sample size, is Fractal Design. Every case and accessory that we have come into contact with has had all of the fundamental Fractal Design traits intact; excessively high quality at a price far lower than would be expected for the quality and engineering delivered.

Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W PSU


No less quality and engineering has gone into the Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W PSU. Right at the start, the Fractal Design Newton R3 hits us with 80-PLUS Platinum efficiency, a single 12v rail capable of 960W and modular cable system. However, the engineering and features of the Newton R3 go well beyond the standard measurements. In the Newton R3, Fractal Design is introducing a semi-passive cooling system which has fan activity only when loads are above 50%, allowing for the quietest possible operation. This is made possible through incredibly efficient design coupled with excellent passive cooling characteristics. This same efficiency allows the Newton R3 to pack a 1000W PSU into a 165mm long chassis without having need for a larger footprint. While the chassis is small, connection options on the Newton R3 are large, with fixed 20+4-pin, 4+4-pin and four 6+2 PCIe, with modular cables adding 12 SATA, five 4-pin peripheral plus an additional 8-pin CPU connector. All modular cables are flat black ribbon cables for ease of routing, with varying lengths to keep cable clutter to a minimum. Six way protection circuitry keeps your equipment out of harm’s way, while Fractal Design backs the Newton R3 1000W with a 5-Year Warranty.