In Win Commander III 700W Power Supply Review

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There is hierarchy and order when it comes to the personal computer structure. The CPU gives out the marching orders to various specialist parts that carry out various tasks.The memory and the drives store data for processing and the graphics card handles all display-related functions. The power supply, while not giving out any orders to other components, is the lifeblood of the PC and makes productivity possible. It is involved in every facet of the operation so it is vital that the power supply chosen is able to thoroughly provide power when necessary.

In Win Commander III 700W Power Supply


Most high-end components these days are surprisingly efficient and do not require much power compared to the performance behemoths of three years prior.  When the GeForce GTX 480 came out, for example, reviewers were urged to get 1000+W power supplies so they could run SLI benchmarks on their overclocked Intel Extreme systems. To match component efficiency, it only makes sense to pair them with equally highly-efficient power supplies that will not buckle under stressful settings.  Even if you take an Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor and pair it with two GTX 680s today, you will get significantly better performance, while using less power, than that old GTX 480 SLI setup. Current gaming systems just simply do not require high kilo-wattage anymore, so priority should be focused toward better efficiency within reasonable capacities.

In Win Commander III 700W Power Supply


The Commander III Desert Fox power supply continues In Win’s tradition of providing high quality power supplies to PC enthusiasts. The In Win Commander III Desert Fox power supply is a hybrid modular unit that has quad +12V rails with 25A max output and carries an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating at 50C. The Desert Fox Commander power supply is available in 600W, 700W and 800W versions and is equipped with high-quality components featuring over-voltage, short-circuit, over-current and over-power protection. All the cables on the 700W In Win Commander III Desert Fox are sleeved and four 6+2 pin PCI-E cables included supports NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFireX.