Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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It’s getting harder and harder to stand out these days, in any aspect. So much has been done for pure shock value in entertainment that we are left as a very jaded audience, as a whole. Graphic violence and gore in films…been there, done that…isn’t really anything left to the imagination anymore. What would have been seen as a groundbreaking shocker back in 1980, with a fight as to whether it could even receive an “R” rating (rather than 18 and over only), can basically now be shown on broadcast TV and very few would even flinch. We could talk about the flinching being feigned and the Moral Majority being neither, but we’ll save that for another time.

Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1000W PSU


The same jaded reception seems to be creeping into technology. We need to see something different, something Earth shattering, something revolutionary. We want to see marked progress in every piece released, otherwise….well, it’s just another piece. The fact that most of last gen’s enthusiast components handle today’s software so well is another culprit. It becomes hard to justify spending a ton of cash to gain 15fps in your favorite game when you are already getting over 100fps. One of the areas that actually has been making strides is PSUs. They have been getting more and more efficient as the norm, while delivering more power than ever, with price per watt dropping along the way.

Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1000W PSU


Cooler Master has been in the ranks of top tier PSU manufacturers for some time and are delivering their newest offering, the Silent Pro M2 1000W. The Silent Pro M2 1000W is an 80-Plus Silver certified PSU with plenty of power for even the most demanding of enthusiasts. The single 12v rail of the M2 is capable of delivering 960W and can be spread out to six 6-2 PCIe, two 4+4 CPU, twelve SATA and five 4-pin, with a floppy connector thrown in for legacy users on its modular cables. This combination can easily power tri-SLI and quad GPU setups, as well as dual CPU boards. To aid in cable routing, the M2 uses flat ribbon cables on the modular points which can also cut down on airflow resistance in case. Keeping things cool is a quiet HDB 135mm fan with speed control and an copper aluminum heatsink internally. Six way protection circuitry keeps the PSU and your system out of harm’s way, while Cooler Master backs the Silent Pro M2 1000W with a 5-Year warranty.