Fractal Design Integra R2 650W Power Supply Review

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As a kid, one of my favorite toys had to be Legos and we had a giant bin of mixed up random pieces. Now all they have are the complicated sets and they all have some type of theme to go along with them. If you want good old fashioned Legos, you need to go to a special store where you can buy them by weight. What ever happened to the creativity that children have? I understand teaching them how to read and follow directions, but at the same time, the creativity that Legos sparked are what made them special to me.

Fractal Integra R2 650W Power Supply


As an adult, putting together computers is my favorite pastime. The same type of excitement of getting a new pack of Legos happens when I get components for a new build. The act of ripping the cellophane off, opening the box, and smelling that “new car” smell, so to speak, is exciting. Just like how you need to have a good base to build a solid Lego project, you need a good base for a new computer build and for that you need a solid power supply. Judging a solid power supply first starts with the build quality and then move on to how efficiently it converts AC power to DC power.

Fractal Integra R2 650W Power Supply


Fractal Design Integra 650W power supply is 80 Plus Bronze rated. This meets the standard that it will run at a minimum of 82% efficiency. Fractal has built a large 120mm sleeve bearing type temperature controlled fan into the Integra 650 watts PSU to keep it cool. There are two 12V rails that are capable of providing 30 amps and 22 amps each, for a total of 576 watts output. The cable design is non-modular but is full sleeved in black mesh. Cable connections include two 6+2 pin, one 24-pin ATX, one 4+4 pin, six SATA, two peripheral, and one floppy power connection. The Integra 650W also comes with a full suite of industry standard power protection circuits.