be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 1000 Watt PSU Review

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I’m from New Jersey. People are usually surprised when they find this out. Apparently it has something to do my (lack of) accent and the fact that I own not one track suit and do not wear jewelry. Of course, not everyone from NJ is like what you see on “Jersey Shore”, “Jerseylicious”, etc. Think about it, if you had that many people acting that way, the state would be something far closer to the society in “Idiocracy” than anything remotely functional. New Jersey does, however, hold a distinction for repetition of an incredibly ill-founded idea; building things on top of marshes and flood zones. Somehow we even managed to build a football stadium in a marsh….and proceed to complain that it continually floods….

Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 1000W PSU


The fundamental problem with this is simple; no matter what you build, no matter how many frills, bells and whistles it has, it will ultimately come apart without a good foundation to build on. Building on a marsh obviously does not lend itself to stability. Ideally, you need to build on something rock solid, or all of the other pieces will simply come down around a weak base. The same goes for your computer build. One of the most overlooked components is the PSU, which is ridiculous given that it is the piece that provides the necessary power to every component in your build. You need that power to be solid and unwavering or, like a building built on a marsh, all of the other components will weaken. Fluctuating and dirty power will make all of your components perform erratically or, in worse case scenarios, fail. Think of the PSU as the foundation you are building on, simply because it truly is.

Be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 1000W PSU


be quiet! is bursting into the US market with the Dark Power Pro 10 1000W PSU aimed at the enthusiast builder. The be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 exudes upper echelon quality in every aspect, from its selectable single/multi-rail operation for 12v, 80+ Gold efficiency and modular design right down to the embossed aluminum name plates and top quality 135mm Silent Wings fan. The Dark Power Pro 10 is modular in all cables excepting the permanently attached 24-pin motherboard cable and offers an array of cables to aid in simple routing. All cables are black sleeved, and included cables feature a total of eight 6+2 pin PCIe, dual CPU power capabilities, eleven SATA and nine 4-pin connectors. Added to this, the built in fan controller of the Dark Power Pro 10 1000W can also power and control four 3-pin case fans along with the internal 135mm fan. The Dark Power Pro 10 boasts 93% efficiency to go along with C6 capabilities and meets ErP 2013 Guidelines and Energy Star 5.0. Backing the Dark Power Pro 10 1000W is a 5-year warranty from be quiet!.