Ice skating is a wonderful sport that requires balance, precision and strength. Whether the activity is figure skating, hockey, or skating for pleasure, taking care of the equipment is important. Skates must be kept sharp for the greatest amount of control. Though people do use frozen ponds at times, most skating is done within a controlled environment. These rinks are kept at a constant temperature and the ice is groomed with a Zamboni machine. There is a science to the way the operators treat the ice for the different activities. For figure skating it is a much softer ice than what is put down for hockey matches. They need to know exactly how much to shave off the top and how much water to put back down to get the desired surface.

Roccat Sense Mousepad Box



As a PC user and gamer I find that having the right surface for my mouse is important. Plus with professional gaming becoming more popular the choices for gaming surfaces are more numerous than ever. Picking the right one can sometimes be a daunting task, the first question is always soft surface or hard surface. Then there are space constraints to consider, do you need a large mouse pad or smaller one. All of these choices go along with the endless choice of designs that manufacturers are releasing.

Roccat Sense Mousepad


The ROCCAT Sense - High Precision Gaming Mousepad offers a soft surface in an extremely thin 2mm thick package. The surface is built for comfort as well as performances with a microcrystalline coating on a soft cloth top. The coating is designed to reduce friction and optimize mouse movement. The Sense also has a rubberized base to prevent the gaming surface from slipping even during an aggressive gaming session. The size is totals 400 x 280mm or roughly 15.7 x 11 inches, providing a very large area to work with. ROCCAT has three designs Glacier Blue, Adrenalin Blue, and Chrome Blue available to suit different styles.