Func MS-3 Mouse and Surface 1030XL Mousepad Review

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I have never understood the appeal of placing ridiculously large rims on cars, especially SUVs. Not only does it make the ride terribly uncomfortable, it is also hampers performance and drastically affects fuel economy. Granted, the stock wheel size does not often look good compared to larger sizes but performance and function should not be set aside for the sake of something so trite. Imagine buying a high-end gaming mouse that looked great only to find that the buttons were hard to reach and the tracking accuracy was limited on select surfaces. Before you even consider which one to purchase, the primary question should be whether or not it has features that you can use. Unfortunately, many manufacturers just simply throw in as many features as they can on a product just so they can market it as “feature rich” with very little regard on whether those features actually have a positive impact on functionality.

Func MS-3 Mouse and Surface 1030XL Mousepad


In response to the lack of high-quality, innovative and practically functional gaming peripherals available in the market back in 1999, a group of PC enthusiasts from California formed Func. It was born out of necessity in hopes of pointing out and drawing attention to the specific needs of PC gamers. Func introduced innovative designs that have set the standard in gaming peripheral design which endure even over a decade later. Reemerging in 2013, Func is back with their redesigned signature dual-sided 1030XL mouse pad as well as a new high-end gaming mouse.

Func MS-3 Mouse and Surface 1030XL Mousepad


The Func MS-3 gaming mouse uses an Avago 9500 laser sensor with variable DPI adjustment ranging from 90 to 5670. The Func MS-3 is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit right handed use with a generous resting area for the ring and pinky fingers. There are four extra buttons around the thumb area of the Func MS-3 mouse which are strategically placed so accidental button presses are avoided. Through the Func-MS3 software, buttons can be reassigned and features can be enabled or disabled. Macros can also be recorded and stored either as a *.map file or onboard the 512KB memory. Combined with the Func Surface 1030XL dual-surface mousepad, users have flexible options and control how responsive their gameplay experience can be. Both the Surface 1030XL and MS-3 gaming mouse are made from high-quality materials covered with a 2-year warranty.