AZiO Levetron GM-2000 Mouse Review

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The word “basic” is often equated with something negative, especially by the inexperienced buyer who fails to recognize what is fundamentally important. Applied to a larger economic scale, when you are getting something with “basic” features for the same amount of money as something that comes with “extras” the answer should not be summarily an affirmative but a question. Were the fundamental requirements met and the “basic” needs provided with extras on top? Or were there concessions made in terms of basic functionality and quality so that extra features can be provided because it looks good on paper?

AZiO Levetron GM2000 Mouse


The sensible answer is, of course, a balance between the two ideas. Extra features are always welcome but not if the main functionality is compromised. Established brands also sometimes get complacent and rely on the name recognition alone to justify higher prices with lesser features, so it always puts a smile in my heart whenever a smaller, ambitious company offering more for less pops up on the radar to challenge established standards. AZiO has been making waves in the gaming community recently with their unique, yet affordable, Levetron line and one of their offerings is an entry-level gaming mouse called the GM2000.

AZiO Levetron GM2000 Mouse


The AZiO GM2000 gaming mouse uses an optical sensor and features an ergonomic design. The AZiO Levetron GM2000 has on-the-fly DPI adjustment capability and can switch between 800, 1600, and 2000 DPI levels. On the left side, the AZiO Levetron GM2000 mouse has back and forward buttons for convenient navigation or as additional inputs while gaming. Requiring no software or drivers for full functionality, the AZiO Levetron GM2000 gaming mouse is plug-and-play, fully compatible with Windows XP through 8 as well as MAC OSX 10.2 or greater. Aimed at budget enthusiasts, the AZiO Levetron GM2000 gaming mouse carries a 3-year warranty.