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At the dawn of the 20th century, Buffalo, New York was a city unlike any other. It was then the 13th largest city in America and was an economic power house. The city’s proximity to Niagara Falls afforded it vast sums of hydroelectric power that was the envy of New York City and Chicago. All the extra power generated by the falls attracted mills and factories which relocated their center of operations to Buffalo, increasing the city’s coffers further. Extra power and money also meant that Buffalo could afford to illuminate the entire city with electric incandescent lights, dubbing themselves the “City of Light” for their expansive lighting coverage that was that was unparalleled for its time. Unfortunately, the city of Buffalo has lost its luster and is now a far cry from those glory days.

MSI GK-601 Keyboard


Light was, and still is, a symbol of progress and technological advancement. Attraction to illuminated objects is so ingrained in our being that even lesser animals are instinctively attracted to it, sometimes perilously so, in the case of insects. We simply just love looking at shiny things but, unlike jewelry and Buffalo, NY, backlit PC peripherals thankfully have a lot more to offer than a glint of illumination or a momentary distraction. MSI is illustrating this with the announcement of their new GK-601 mechanical keyboard, offering a host of features for gamers and enthusiasts.

MSI GK-601 Keyboard


The MSI GK-601 is a fully LED backlit keyboard designed for gaming. The MSI GK-601 uses Cherry MX red switches and features assignable macro keys via software. There is 128KB of onboard memory for storing profiles on the MSI GK-601 with up to 50 different macros across 5 profiles. Using the MSI GK-601 software included in CD accessory, users can remap keys, record macros and save/load profiles from a disk. The MSI GK-601 also has a pair of USB ports for additional connectivity options, as well as audio pass-through ports for gaming headsets.  Additional features on the MSI GK-601 include full N-key rollover via USB 2.0, backlight adjustment, and multimedia controls.