Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 WindForce 2x Overclocking Edition

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The expectation about a video card is very straightforward in the sense that the climb in frames-per-second performance is directly related to the climb in price point. High-end video cards are expected to be capable of playing all the latest games in maximum settings and the opposite is considered true when it comes to budget-segment offerings. This isn’t necessarily the case with other PC components, where number-crunching or raw speed is the primary goal, such as mice or keyboards. High end input devices, such as the ones aimed at gamers, justify their prices because of the extra features and superior build quality, compared to a generic $20 keyboard.

Gigabyte AiVia Osmium


Most gaming keyboards over the $100 range are now Cherry MX-based mechanical input devices that have a considerably longer lifespan compared to membrane-based keyboards. The market for mechanical gaming keyboards has also become significantly more competitive in the last two years with big names in PC peripherals jumping in to the bandwagon and offering their own line. Although more well-known for their motherboards than their peripheral line, Gigabyte was actually ahead of the curve and released the K8000 keyboard back in 2008, equipped with Cherry MX switch keys and macro functionality. Improving upon this initial design, Gigabyte has a new line of AiVia gaming peripherals that fit the needs of the modern gamer.

Gigabyte AiVia Osmium


The Gigabyte Osmium is the latest addition to the AiVia gaming peripheral series.  The Gigabyte Osmium is available in either Cherry MX red switch variant with blue LED backlighting or Cherry MX brown switch version with white LED backlighting. Since the Gigabyte Osmium is designed for gaming, it is capable of accepting up to 64 simultaneous keystrokes at the same time, via USB 2.0, and is equipped with a bank of five macro keys on top of the function keys.  Through the Gigabyte GHOST utility, available for download from Gigabyte’s website, up to five profiles can be stored on the Osmium keyboard and can be toggled through by pressing the LED AiVia logo above the num keys. The Gigabyte AiVia Osmium keyboard also features a USB 2.0 and 3.0 hub, as well as 3.5mm pass-through connectors for the headphone and microphone jacks. The Gigabyte AiVia Osmium mechanical keyboard measures 454mm long, 257mm wide and 45mm tall and carries a two-year warranty.