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Before we had electrical generators and electrical power grids, batteries were the main source of electricity. Vast improvements in battery technology lead to major electrical advances, from scientific studies to the making of telegraphs and telephones. This, in turn, led to more technological innovations, including the portable computer, mobile phones, electric cars and other electronic devices. It was Benjamin Franklin who initially coined the term “battery” in 1749 when he described a set of linked capacitors for his experiments with electricity. This then led to the first actual “wet cell” battery developed by Alessandro Volta in 1800, dubbed “The Voltaic Pile”. The voltaic pile consisted of pairs of copper and zinc discs piled on top of each other, separated by a layer of cloth or cardboard soaked in brine (the electrolyte). The voltaic pile produced a continuous and stable current and lost little charge over time when not in use, though Volta’s early models could not produce a voltage strong enough to create any type of spark.

Neptor NP056K Battery Pack


It wasn’t until 1859 that the rechargeable battery was made possible by Gaston Plante’s innovation with his lead acid battery. Plante’s batteries produced large surges of current but were unfortunately bulky and heavy. This lead acid battery is the foundation of modern rechargeable battery technology and it is still being used today in automobiles and other battery solutions where weight is not a concern. Thankfully, many innovations in battery technology have been discovered since Plante’s time, including Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable technology, which is utilized by Neptor’s line of rechargeable battery packs.


Neptor NP056K Battery Pack


The Neptor NP056K portable battery pack is very compact, measuring 101x49x25mm, and weighs 5 ounces. The Neptor NP056K has two USB charging ports, one for tablets with 1.0A output and one for tablets with a 2.1A output. The 5600mAh capacity allows the NP056K to fully charge phones two to three times, while a four-level LED indicator lets users know how much charge is remaining. Each Neptor NP056K portable battery pack comes bundled with a micro USB cable for charging and a lanyard for convenient portability. Aside from the charging functionality, the Neptor NP056K can also act as an LED flashlight, which can come in handy in low-light situations.