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In 1966, Star Trek introduced many people to the cheesy acting of William Shatner. It also gave us a lot of nerdy cultural references, such as "Red Shirts" and "Beam Me Up". There’s also quite a bit of technology that was first seen in Star Trek which has become, or may soon be part of, our everyday lives here in the real world. We aren’t even close to transporters yet, but we do have tractor beams that can move molecules and video conferences are now a staple of business. In a few ways, we’ve even exceeded Star Trek’s ambitions because we can now do video conferences on our own version of the Star Trek Communicator that’s known as a cell phone. There's one nuance that's vitally important to our everyday lives which Star Trek and space sci-fi in general fails to discuss.

Neptor NP100K Battery Pack


Sci-fi shows and movies routinely talk about power usage on scales that could power a large city for days or years, but they rarely say anything about power relating to their portable devices. Even after fighting off a bunch of giant humanoids, a couple hand phasers still have enough energy to take a shuttlecraft into space. It can only be assumed that their battery technologies have completely abandoned the anodes, cathodes and electrolytes on which we are so dependent; instead storing pure electrons. Mankind is constantly working on more efficient and denser means for storing electricity. Even the experimental Lithium-Sulfur batteries only hold about 4x the energy of a standard Lithium-Ion. It's a major leap but it's nowhere close to what you see in Sci-Fi.


Neptor NP100K Battery Pack


EagleTech's Neptor NP100K-WH External Battery Pack helps fill the void until we can fit lightning into an "AA" size package. The Neptor NP100K-WH has a capacity of 10,000mAh and can charge two devices at the same time with its 2.1Ah and 0.5Ah USB charging ports. The battery inside the unit is replaceable, and is about $20 less to replace than getting a whole new charger. The NP100K comes with a micro-USB cable for charging and sports a carrying case that is both stylish and tough enough to protect the battery during travels. With such a large capacity, it's able to charge most phones 3 or 4 times, or it can fully charge a tablet with some left over for part of a second charge. Measuring in at 16 x 66 x 95 mm and weighing only 190g, it's very portable and even fits in most pockets.