As much as everyone loves Wireless technology, it unfortunately has not completely been worked out to the point of abandoning wired connectivity completely. In fact, it may never reach that point just like the idea of a completely paperless office predicted several decades ago never really became a reality. Bluetooth and Wireless N connectivity is great and it works for certain applications, but when it comes to transmitting high-definition video content from a source device to a high-definition display, a reliable HDMI cable is still much preferable. While practical and reliable Wireless HD technology is being worked out, engineers from RedMere Technologies have proposed and developed solutions that allows for high data-rate transmissions over HDMI without the bulk of a typical HDMI cable.

Rosewill Ultra-Slim -Redmere- HDMI Cables




Rosewill’s latest Ultra-Slim HDMI cables utilize RedMere’s RM1695 mini-booster modules. These Ultra-Slim HDMI cables from Rosewill have easily manageable 36 AWG wires that come in either black or white color. Twelve SKUs in total are offered by Rosewill including lengths of 3, 6, 10 and 15 ft as well as Male A-to-Male D and Male-A to Male-C HDMI cable versions. Rosewill’s Ultra-slim cables have a gold-plated Male-A connector with a much smaller jacket measuring only 15mm wide, 5mm thick and 14mm long (20mm for the TV end which contains the Redmere module). This is considerably smaller compared to the standard HDMI jacket which is 18mm wide, 10mm thick and 24mm long. The Rosewill Ultra-Slim cables can also be used on IP-enabled devices without the use of a separate Ethernet cable.



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Rosewill Ultra-Slim -Redmere- HDMI Cables Rosewill Ultra-Slim -Redmere- HDMI Cables

Rosewill Ultra-Slim -Redmere- HDMI Cables Rosewill Ultra-Slim -Redmere- HDMI Cables



Type HDMI Cables
Color(s) Black or White
Cable Length
Available in 3, 6, 10 and 15 feet
Connectors A Male to A Male (A Male to C Male and A Male to D Male also available)
Gauge 36