Certain combinations, no matter how odd it may seem, just go really well together. The idea of putting vinegar on ice cream for example sounds like a prank your roommate might pull, but the Balsamic variety of vinegar will turn that desert from pedestrian to cosmopolitan with a few drizzles. Some combos however seem like a great idea at first but only work when it is combined with a more technical and skilled hand such as peanut butter and chocolate. Believe me, I have tried (and failed spectacularly) so I’ll leave that sorcery to the warlocks at the Hershey company.

GA-F2A85XN-WiFi Motherboard


When AMD released their Richland APU’s I expected a slew of mini-ITX mainboards to hit the market as the low power consumption, excellent graphical performance and low heat APUs are perfect CPUs for such a small form factor build.  To my surprise, there are actually extremely few FM2 mainboard options for this size so my hopes were dashed. There was a silver lining however when Gigabyte announced that they are releasing an AMD Hudson D4 chipset based mainboard addition to their N-line of mini-ITX mainboards.

Gigabyte F2A85XN-WiFi


The Gigabyte F2A85XN-WiFi motherboard uses a mini-ITX form factor which makes it ideal for HTPC and compact builds. The F2A85XN-WiFi supports AMD A-series and Athlon series processors that use the FM2 socket.  The AMD A85X chipset on the F285XN-WiFi provides four USB 3.0 ports, six USB 2.0 ports and four SATA6 ports for connectivity. For network connectivity, Gigabyte has outfitted the F2A85XNWiFi with a Realtek Gigabit LAN chip and a dual-band Qualcomm 802.11 a/b/g/n with Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless module comes pre-installed onboard. The Gigabyte F2A85XNWiFi supports up to three displays simultaneously via the integrated APU graphics via a DVI-D port and a pair of HDMI 1.4a ports.