Beer pockets and champagne taste, it's what I have but what type of taste is yours? I have gone through life craving the best but sometimes the best is just out of reach. I will say I never did skimp on any of my computer components or cars. What I do is either wait until I can afford what I want or I look at something with just a little less option. Well, I guess that relays mostly to computer components. With computer components if you take the time to look at the differences in different skus, you may just find that diamond in the rough that gives you close to everything you desire.

ASUS Z87-Deluxe


Since you have seen the title, yes I am talking about a motherboard but buyer beware, there are brands out there that appear to be giving you the moon at a great price. These boards usually boast great overclocking potential or even have more than an enthusiast board would have, but if you look real hard under the skin, they don't. I would give you my bear in the woods analogy but I don't have the time. So look at it this way, the quickest way between two points is a straight line. If there are too many forks in the road then travel becomes longer, this is what many of those great looking boards have and that is too many forks. One of a few boards I have found to be just shy of enthusiast level is the ASUS Deluxe Series. I have found that other than a few BIOS differences and Ichibon 10k capacitors, the features and highways are the same as those found on the more expensive boards.

ASUS Z87-Deluxe With WiFi


The ASUS Z87-Deluxe Motherboard offers many features you would expect to find on an enthusiast level motherboard. The Z87-Deluxe, built for the 4th Generation Intel Core Processors, comes with dual LAN (one being Intel), a Wifi/Bluetooth module, which is 802.11 ac as well as a software package and UEFI BIOS that many consider second to none. The ASUS Z87-Deluxe is LGA 1150 and is built upon the Intel Z87 chipset. It also has CPU Level Up options that can be either done manually by turning on the TPU switch right on the motherboard, via the BIOS, or in your OS using the new ASUS AI Suite III.