If you have ever sat with friends and discussed hypothetical situations, a question about what current technological marvel would you bring back in time as a means to shock and awe would eventually crop up. The uncreative answer usually involves bringing back a devastating weapon of some kind, but I think bringing back the current crop of 3D Displays from 2011 to a time as recent as 5 years ago would produce almost the same result. Even though there were active shutter 3D solutions available then, the rest of the technology needed for smooth operation, as well as the 3D content, did not exist. Even though LCDs offered a smaller footprint and better image quality than CRTs, the refresh rates were too low and incapable of displaying full resolution shutter-lens LCD 3D technology. CRTs with refresh rates of 100Hz or higher could be used but display modes are limited up to 1024 x 768. When NVIDIA announced 3D Vision initially in 2008, many were very skeptical about the future of the technology.



A few years later, 3D is back in vogue, not just in movie theaters but at home theaters, as well, through Blu-Ray 3D. 3D Gaming is not just exclusive to PC gamers either; PS3 users can now enjoy 3D gaming through 3D capable displays with an HDMI port. Most importantly, NVIDIA has invested heavily and is ahead of everyone on their 3D Vision technology, and now enjoys full support from various manufacturers’ 3D displays. Acer is one of the first companies that released a full HD 3D Vision compliant monitor. Now with home 3D usage extended beyond PC gaming, the race to release a display that can be used not just as a 3D gaming monitor but a lower cost alternative to a full size 3D HDTV is on. Acer is back, once again, ahead of everyone else to deliver the world’s first 27-inch Full HD 3D monitor.


The Acer HN274H 3D Monitor is a widescreen monitor with an LED backlit Twisted-Nematic panel. The Acer HN274H 3D Monitor has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz at the native resolution of 1920x1080. Users who have multiple devices can make use of the Acer HN274H’s four HDMI 1.4 ports, as well as the Dual-Link DVI port, for 3D entertainment. At the back of the Acer HN274H, there is a VGA port, as well as an Audio-in jack for use of the built-in speakers. The 3D Vision emitter is also built into the top front bezel of the Acer HN274H, so it is ready to be used with the bundled 3D Vision glasses right out of the box, after the user installs the latest NVIDIA 3D Vision drivers.