Never afraid of a fight, the vipers of the Arizona desert have fiercely defended their home and remained encamped there for hundreds and thousands of years against any predator that might come their way. Vipers are much more territorial than any other creature and want to live in the same den their entire 35 year life span, where their parents and grandparents most likely spent their lives, as well, before them. Over the last few years, however, housing development and rising human populations have dislodged many snakes from their desert dwellings and have periodically clashed with the townsfolk, eventually dwindling the reptile population down to near extinction levels.

Patriot Viper 3 2400MHz DDR3


A clash this epic is not very likely when it comes to PC components, as each is modular and is necessary. The rise of tall heatspreaders on RAM modules and large aftermarket heatsinks, however, is probably the closest comparable conflict we PC nerds have to contend with. Obviously, both components are important and both will most likely never go away completely so a compromise has to be reached. Are tall heat spreaders really necessary for RAM modules? Why can’t CPU cooler designs provide clearance for taller RAM modules? Despite having taller than standard 35mm RAM modules, Patriot Memory, thankfully, has designed their heat spreaders for the Viper 3 series to fit underneath the 44mm clearance provided by most CPU tower heatsinks.

Patriot Viper 3 2400MHz 8GB DDR3


The Patriot Viper 3 PV38G240C0K memory kit is designed for high performance PCs, and supports Intel as well as AMD platforms. The Patriot Viper 3 PV38G240C0K memory kit has a base JEDEC rating of 1600MHz with 11-11-11-28 timings at 1.5V and has been tested at 2400MHz with 10-12-12-30 timings preset in the Intel Extreme Memory profile. Each kit has been hand screened to run at 2400MHz and validated for compatibility on a variety of systems. Each Patriot Memory Viper 3 series module measures 133mm long and 7.6mm thick with a height of 41mm for increased compatibility with most large CPU air coolers. The Viper 3 series memory kits are available in Black Mamba, Sapphire Blue or Venom Red color schemes and are backed with a lifetime warranty.