A few years ago, I had a laptop that got so hot it actually burned my legs, so it is understandable that companies would develop a notebook cooler. Cooler Master has been one of the manufacturers that have been in the notebook cooler market for some time now and they continue to produce new designs. The latest model is the Cooler Master NotePal A200 supporting laptops up to 16” and, with its portable design, can be carried with a laptop easily without adding any weight and heft to a bag. This way you can have your laptop cooler with you anywhere and don’t have to deal with hot legs.

Cooler Master Notepal A200


The Cooler Master NotePal A200 features two 140mm fans with an adjustable fan speed from 700 to 1200 RPM. The NotePal A200 fans are inside an aluminum pad to help spread and dissipate the heat, in a sense creating a heatsink for your notebook. Cooler Master designed the A200 cooler with comfort in mind and part of that is silence, the fans range from 20 to 28 dBA while pushing up to 92 CFM of air to keep your laptop cool to the touch. It is USB powered by one USB port and offers a two port hub so that you do not lose any of your USB ports while it is in use. Notebook cooling offers the comfort of keeping your machine cool and increase the longevity of the machine.