Nothing is perfect. Even when you think something might be perfect, something else comes along to point out that it isn’t. Take the NZXT Phantom 630. I couldn’t find a flaw with it when I reviewed it, and have been running it with my own build for a while now and still hadn’t found anything that I would call a flaw. The airflow is phenomenal and, on low and medium fan settings, I can’t hear it while seated at my desk. NZXT, however, decided to introduce something to make it better; the new FZ-200 fan.




Unboxing Video Above


The NZXT FZ-200 is a 200mm fan rated at a whopping 103CFM at a mere 20dBA at 800rpm. While I reference the Phantom 630, it is naturally at home in any case where a 200mm fan is needed. The FX-200 is available in the standard NZXT black/white color scheme, and is also available with LED in blue, green, orange, red and white. LED models have an on/off switch included, which can control up to two fans, and brightness of the LED changes along with the fan speed. All models include a 4-Pin Molex adapter with bypass and black mounting screws.