I know I have been guilty of this before myself, but reading multiple reviews and having the reviewer describe every installation process as a “breeze” is annoying. Did it really install like a breeze? Did it really install like a refreshing gust of wind that is a result of uneven surface temperatures between sea and land? I am 99.9% sure it didn’t. Sometimes, as a writer, it is understandable that certain words eventually lead to cul-de-sac phrases (for example, “morbidly” is almost exclusively used only if followed by the word “obese”) but using the same word again and again to describe something, article after article is just lazy. If I sound like a curmudgeon, it might be because I am writing this at work while the thermostat is set to 29C and locked behind a Lucite cage. The office caretaker apparently only has contempt for the workers in this building or maybe he is hoping that if the temperature gets high enough, a conga line might break out and margaritas will be had.

Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan


There really is no other option for cooling down when you are trapped in the office. You can probably sneak outside, if you fancy the shocking cold Canadian winter, for a quick break but then you’d be subjected to all the frantic smokers, trying to finish off as much of that 25-pack of du Maurier kings as they can in a 10-minute span while they regale you with stories about how “spoiled” their children are despite the fact that they only see them once a year (it is more entertaining than having them mangle a retelling of a bad joke they heard while drunk last night). It gets even worse when you realize you have to repeat the process once again tomorrow and maybe all the frustration and anger while in front of your desk can be alleviated with a simple gadget of cooling technology from Arctic.



The Arctic Breeze is a USB desktop fan that is portable and flexible. The Arctic Breeze’s 92mm fan has a range of 800 up to 1,800 RPM and can be controlled through the built-in knob. A 1.8 meter long USB 2.0 cable is used to power the Arctic Breeze fan and it has a flexible shaft to freely direct the airflow wherever required. Arctic also offers a “Pro” version of the Breeze which has an illuminated knob and doubles as a USB hub. An even more compact version is also available, dubbed the “Arctic Breeze Mobile” which does not come with a tabletop stand. The Arctic Breeze carries a 2-year warranty and is compatible with any device that has a 5V, 0.2A powered USB port.



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Arctic Breeze Desktop Fan Arctic Breeze Desktop Fan

Arctic Breeze Desktop Fan Arctic Breeze Desktop Fan



 Fan Speed 800 to 1,800 RPM
 USB Connector  USB 2.0
 Power  5V, 0.2A
 Cable Length  1.8 m
 Product Net Weight  265 g
 itemnumber  ABACO-BZP0301-BL
 UPC  0872767005754
 Gross Weight  0.45 kg


  • Innovative Design - Its flexible neck allows complete freedom for the user to adjust its angle to a desirable position.
  • Stay Cool the Way You Want - Keep yourself cool by simply connecting it into an available USB port of your computer or power adapter nearby. You may easily adjust the fan speed with the knob on the base.    
  • Put It Wherever Whenever You Need - Its 1.8m long cable ensures it is convenient to be placed wherever you want (You may get a 2m USB Extension Cable to extend the flexibility further). No matter if it is the office or your room that is too hot, the ARCTIC Breeze is always a handy gadget on your desk. 



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Price Point

Price: $14.99 USD Retail

Class: Mainstream

Reviewer's Opinion

Despite its simplicity, the Arctic Breeze cooling fan is very effective as a personal cooling gadget.  USB powered devices are not out of place anywhere, as you can plug it in directly to the wall through an adapter, a portable power bank or any computer.  The cable length of 1.8m is also very generous, giving users plenty of allowance to position their Breeze desktop fan as they see fit. The flexible shaft also makes it possible to direct the airflow to any angle, plus it actually can maintain that pose during operation. The base is steel and the Breeze is heavier than what the photos suggest.  Even with an energetic and accidental tug of the USB cord, the Arctic Breeze fan will not fall over easily.

With an MSRP of $15, the Arctic Breeze is actually priced lower, compared to most USB desktop fans on the market. The only other item I saw that easily trumps it is the Arctic Breeze Pro, which offers USB hub functionality and LED-lit knob, for only $7 more. As with other Arctic fans, the 92mm Arctic Breeze can maintain a refreshing airflow without producing any distracting noise, which is a huge plus if you are purchasing this to lessen aggravation and cool yourself down while at work. 


  • 1.8 meter long USB cable
  • Flex shaft
  • Non-slip and durable steel base
  • Quiet 92mm fan
  • Adjustable speed



  • None


Hi Tech Legion Gold Award