Cooler Master HAF 912 Case Review

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I've spent countless hours in my life carefully picking out parts for a build, weighing out price, quality and performance. I find myself going in circles as a gamer, as I want parts that fall outside of my budget, but I don't wish to undercut quality or performance just to save a few bucks. I often find that I build two computers, the one that I really want and the one that I can actually afford. The more I kept at it and built a few more systems, I found that I could reuse specific parts here and there, like cables and drives.



Over time I started looking at it all differently as I could leave parts out of the total. I could cut some of the total cost out of my build and put that savings towards taking a higher performance piece, though my friends who asked me to help them had to include these. As they started from scratch, I would need to start at the basics with the case. Most of my friends are gamers and need a case with room for the parts they want, as well as sufficient airflow and cooling options to keep it running steady under load. On average, to meet the demands they required, this normally means a sizable chunk of their budget going towards the case.


The Cooler Master HAF 912 brings the options people expect from a high end case at a fraction of the cost. The HAF 912, which stands for High Air Flow, is the newest entry in the HAF line designed to bring a myriad of fan and component setups in a mid-tower format without becoming a major part of your budget. With a strong military feel and enough room to fit 11 devices, large CPU coolers and longer GPU cards, the HAF 912 brings many of the features of the HAF 932 and 922 to the masses.