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Budgeting is really hard to accomplish, whether you are looking for a new vehicle or computer components. I know, personally, I always have to include a little bit of wiggle room in my budget just because I tend to go overboard with certain things. So many times I say to myself, well it is just 10 dollars more than the lower level version. Unfortunately, those ten dollars add up when you are talking about ten or twelve parts. It is a little bit different with cars, since everything is set up as packages, but the temptation is always there to go up to the next package. I want all the features, even if I am not going to use them.

Rosewill Line Glow Mid Tower


I guess that comes with being one of those people who always wants the best quality stuff. Sometimes, though, money is tight and you just have to rein those feelings in and purchase the parts you can afford and will get you by. Luckily, for consumers in the computer market, there always seems to be a budget option that will suffice for the moment. In the end, sometimes, it is important to make a sacrifice and buy the items that fit in your budget rather than over extending yourself and regretting it later.

Rosewill Line Glow Mid Tower


The Rosewill Line Glow mid tower case is a steel case targeted at consumers looking for a basic chassis. The front of the Line Glow features a plastic bezel with three external 5.25” drive bays, one of which can be used as an external 3.5” drive bay. There are two 120mm blue LED fans pulling cool air into the front of the case. Additionally, there is a 120mm fan on top and 120mm on the rear exhausting warm air out. A second 120mm fan can be mounted into the top of the case. The front panel connectors include two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and audio jacks for convenience. Drive support is included for eight internal 3.5” drive, and a bracket is provided for one 3.5” bay to be used with 2.5” drives.