Silverstone Precision PS08 mATX Case Review

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Did you know that Ferrari made a station wagon version of the 456 called the 456 GT Venice? If that sounds ridiculous, just look up how much it goes for in the market. Since it is extremely rare, you need “Sultan of Brunei money” to afford it. Station wagons are generally regarded as family vehicles purchased by men who have accepted their doomed fate as dads, completely given up on life and just coasting slowly to their death, so the idea of a Ferrari estate car seems like a desperate bid to attract a different clientele than the usual sultan, sheik or oligarch. As long as it does not have wood paneling on the side, I guess it can’t possibly be that bad.

Silverstone Precision PS08 mATX Case


Ferrari certainly does not “need” to make such a car, but considering their engineering pedigree, a certain level of quality is expected, even for such an unusual undertaking. If Ferrari ever decides to create a 3-cylinder engine car to compete against a Geo Metro, they will most likely do well. Actually, Ferrari made a 3-cylinder supercharged prototype before, so you have to upgrade that “likely” to “possibly”. When it comes to computer cases, Silverstone’s high-end and unique designs have earned them the respect of PC enthusiasts, equivalent to that of Ferrari for car lovers. Although not widely known, Silverstone also just happens to offer budget cases as well, through their precision series, the latest of which is the mATX PS08.

Silverstone Precision PS08 mATX Case


Silverstone’s Precision PS08 is available in an all-white or all-black version and can fit mATX, as well as mini-ITX motherboards.  Despite the small size, the Silverstone PS08 can house aftermarket CPU coolers up to 140mm tall, as well as video cards up to 358mm long.  A 120mm fan is pre-installed in the front intake that has a measured max 1238 rpm (via ASUS FanXpert2) and runs relatively silent, even on full voltage.  An optional 80mm fan can be installed in the front intake and either an 80mm or 92mm fan can be installed in the rear of the PS08 as exhaust. The front intake of the PS08 has a removable dust filter and both front panel Universal Serial Bus ports use a 19-pin USB 3.0 header.