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Commuting to work in the morning has some advantages and disadvantages. I do most of my sleeping on the way to work and on the way home, for example, something I cannot do if I was driving to work, at least not without running over a kid or two. Once in a while, however, especially in the morning, there is always a teenager or an unemployable adult that would blast music from their phone. It is not that the concept of earphones is foreign to these people but it is more of a pathological “look at me! I need attention because my parents never gave me any”. This same impulse drives those who take the baffles off their motorcycles and ride up and down the street after midnight. It is a totally unnecessary and unsatisfying move on their part, but it temporarily fulfills something pathetic, deep inside that, hopefully, can be cured by rapid successions of punches to the face. I have tried it many times so far but I think I have to up the dosage as it doesn’t seem to work very well.

CM Storm Pulse-R Headset


I’m probably just cranky and feeling violent because I have not played any video games in a while. The activity is always such a comfortable stress relief but it seems to have become tedious and monotonous as of late. It may be because I have been playing with the volume down for fear of disturbing my neighbors while playing late at night. I could probably take a page from the attention whores in the bus or the bikes and just not care who I am disturbing. A more practical solution would obviously be a headset, except for the fact that finding the right one can be more stress inducing than it's worth. Plus, users often find themselves compromising between having a good booming gaming audio with excellent noise isolation but poor multimedia and music performance, which should not really happen, considering most gaming headsets are pricey. Apparently, Cooler Master believes that getting both in a single headset is not impossible and are putting forward the Pulse-R headset as a possible candidate for the task.

CM Storm Pulse-R Headset


The CM Storm Pulse-R is a stereo gaming headset meant to replace the soon to be EOL CM Storm Sonuz.  The CM Storm Pulse-R is equipped with 52mm drivers and 97mm ear pads for excellent performance and comfort.  Just like the CM Storm Sonuz, the Pulse-R headset also comes with a detachable omni-directional microphone and in-line remote for volume control and microphone muting. Laser etched aluminum plates on the CM Storm Pulse-R ear pads can easily be removed and customized to sport specific gaming clan colors and patterns. White LEDs on the ear cups, inline remote and microphone are powered via USB. For better portability, the CM Storm Pulse-R’s cables are also detachable. To ensure durability, CM storm braided the 2 meter long cable, while each end is outfitted with anti-fraying protection. For further peace of mind, Cooler Master also provides warranty should the Pulse-R start exhibiting issues within two years of purchase.