Oblanc NC2-4 UFO 5.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset Review

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For any of you who have had children, you already know how much of a change your life takes. The biggest change involves time and it is necessary to work your schedule around the rest of the family's. The fact is everyone needs some time to themselves to do what they like, whether that is gaming, working out, or socializing. I like to call myself a gamer and, now that I have a family, I find that there is very little time for gaming and the “alone” time is precious. I have reached a point where I am looking for short stints of gaming, but the quality of the experience matters.

Oblanc NC2-4 UFO 5.1 Surround USB Headphones


When I am gaming now, I am looking for the best immersion I can get, in a sense I am looking to escape the world for a short period of time. Audio quality is definitely one of the considerations that is needed for a gaming system and a lot of that is left up to the speaker system. For many people, this means a quality headset since the other people living in the house would not appreciate speakers with booming sound resonating through the entire area. Luckily, for those of us in this situation, many manufacturers have solutions and Oblanc is one of them.

Oblanc NC2-4 UFO 5.1 Surround USB Headphones


The Oblanc UFO headset is a 5.1 surround sound gaming headset and is available in multiple colors. Anyone looking for an immersive experience will appreciate that the Oblanc UFO provides a private 5.1 sound system while gaming or watching movies through a PC. The UFO connects to the PC using a USB port and has its own sound card built in, so there is no need for the computer to have a sound card. The speaker system itself consists of eight (four in each ear cup) 30mm Neodymium drivers with independent volume controls for each channel. The headset has an adjustable boom microphone with a switch for muting on the controls.