Are you becoming more and more dependent on your smartphone/tablet? Are you using it for far more than placing phone calls and texts? Do you keep music and videos on your phone/tablet? Do you use music streaming services on your phone/tablet? Odds are, most people will answer yes to just about all of these questions. Smartphones and tablets have become little multimedia boxes and most people are taking advantage. You can take tremendous amounts of music around with you on a device you would likely be carrying anyway. The one downside on these devices is the speakers. Face it, there is no real enjoyable listening experience from them, so most people opt for headphones, but, this opens up a whole set of problems of its own.



So, say you have your new phone, equipped with beats audio and your favorite headset on your commute. You are listening contentedly….when a call comes in. Well, now you have to disconnect the headset to take (or place) a call. Obviously a Bluetooth headset is going to be far more functional, but you are going to want something that is going to be as comfortable, and sound as good, as your favorite headset. Or, maybe you simply want to use that favorite headset wirelessly. It may seem like asking to have your cake and eat it, too. Antec’s newest division, Antec Mobile Products (or a.m.p., for short) has decided to make both of these scenarios not only possible, but absolutely sensible with their new iso Headset and gain Bluetooth Headset Amp.



The a.m.p. iso is the flagship of Antec’s mobile headset line, with a full featured headphone amp with active noise cancellation, top tier headphones with dBs1 technology and full featured call functionality. The Antec gain Bluetooth Headphone Amp retains the call functionality, but comes with a 3.5mm jack for using the headset of your choice, meaning that your favorite headset can now be used in a Bluetooth capacity and on calls. Both the gain and the iso use Bluetooth HD for enhanced clarity, while adhering to Handsfree 1.5 and Headset 1.1 profiles to make them compatible with almost any device. Both units feature a Multi-Function Button for in call controls, as well as volume up and down and track fwd and back for audio. A discreet mic is built into the small form factor clip-on control pods of the iso and gain for full two way communication. The iso also features Active Noise Cancellation of up to 30 db to block out background noise for full immersion. Both the iso and gain use a rechargeable 3.7V Li-Ion battery, with 8 hr usage time on the iso and 6 hr on the gain, which is charged through standard micro-USB. A USB charging cable is included in both. For a limited time, the gain also comes with a free set of a.m.p. headphones.