Ineo Alienvibes W601 Speaker Review

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We see far more cross-platform integration these days than we ever have before, in terms of multimedia. One of the big reasons is mobile devices. It is not at all unusual for people to have music and movie libraries on their cell phones and tablets, not to mention multimedia specific devices like the iPod, or even on a USB drive. The reason for this is simple; it has become very easy and convenient to take your media with you. You no longer need to lug around 100 CDs when it all fits in your pocket…right along with the playback device. In terms of media, at least, you can take it with you.

Ineo W601 Speakers


So, now that you have your music with you, you may want a way to listen to it other than through headphones. Listening on your smartphone just really isn’t an option for enjoyable playback, you need something a bit bigger. Ideally, the speaker setup in your entertainment center or computer would have a second input to allow you to simply plug in and play. More ideally, these speakers would actually be built to audiophile type designs and actually sound good. While we are at it, it would be nice if you could just pop a USB flash drive or SD card in the front of it and have it play the music stored on it. Well, that’s where something like Alienvibes’ flagship W601 system comes in.

Ineo W601 Speakers


Alienvibes W601 2.2 speakers from ineo technologies absolutely adhere to audiophile starting points on how to build a good speaker set. Right off the bat, the Alienvibes W601 features all wooden enclosures with piano black plastic trim, satellites with 2 x 3” midrange and 1” tweeter, plus a pair of 5.25” drivers in a vented enclosure handling the lows. The amp built into the sub enclosure pumps out 15w RMS x 2 to the satellites and 50w RMS mono to the subs with an active crossover. The face of the sub enclosure has an easy to use interface for vol/bass/treble/input/mute as well as USB and SD card inputs. Simply insert a USB or SD card with music files and the W601 can play them back with full control plus an EQ with eight factory tuned presets. Dual inputs for RCA and 3.5mm allow for multiple sources to be used, making the W601 a great audio piece for an entertainment center.