Azio Levetron GH808 USB Gaming Headset Review

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I have spent plenty of time on YouTube recently looking at videos of cochlear implant recipients and watching their reaction upon hearing for the first time. We often take for granted the ability to hear, never realizing that without it, our ability to speak and express ourselves is impaired. This limitation is not just local either, with phones and the internet, having the ability to communicate with another person from a different country or continent is alien to those who are deaf. Unless, of course, you are using some video chat program and you are just using sign language, but then you can’t communicate with that while you are playing a video game since your hands are busy.

Azio Levetron GH808 Headphones


It sounds simple but the freedom to curse my teammate through a headset while playing Call of Duty or Battlefield 3 online is something I should appreciate more often. Online communication has become second nature to non-impaired individuals of my generation, so much so that some of us actually seek out further levels of sensory stimulation while gaming. Stereoscopic 3D gaming for the eyes works quite well but for auditory purposes, AZiO’s Levetron GH808 headset is offering a bass vibration feature that promises another level of action beyond your standard gaming headset.

Azio Levetron GH808 Headphones


AZiO’s Levetron GH808 is a USB headset designed for gaming. The Levetron GH808 headset is plug-and-play, only requiring a USB port on a Windows or Mac OS X system to use. Optional software can be downloaded from AZiO’s website, providing control of the GH808’s features from the desktop. Equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers and an additional 30mm “vibration” driver, the AZiO Levetron GH808 brings pulse-pounding excitement straight to gamers’ ears. Should you need to chat with your online buddies while playing, a unidirectional microphone can be pulled out from the left ear cup. The AZiO GH808 also includes a volume control knob, as well as a toggle switch for enabling or disabling the bass enhancement feature.