Ineo Alienvibes EP02 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

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The ability to hear a wide range of sound is a precious gift that the majority of people get to enjoy. Unfortunately for some, they have worked in situations where their hearing has been damaged and, of course, there are some who were born with hearing impairments. Contractors, musicians, and others who are subjected to constant noise often damage their hearing. Even if the loss is not noticeable at first, the damage will add up, making it more difficult to hear certain tones or differentiate sound. For example, being in a restaurant and trying to listen to multiple conversations can become impossible.

Ineo Alienvibes EP02 Headphones


One way that we can protect our hearing is to take safety precautions, like using earplugs/earmuffs while working in a loud environment, but what about musicians whose ears are constantly bombarded with sound waves. One way they can protect their hearing is to use a noise cancelling headphone. This allows them to block environmental sound so that they don’t have to turn the volume up as much. Subjecting their ears to less volume ultimately will cause less damage.

Ineo Alienvibes EP02 Headphones


Ineo has released a new line of audio devices. The first product is their Alienvibes EP02 noise cancelling headphones. The Ineo Alienvibes EP02 headphones are an over the ear type of headphone featuring active noise cancelling. They use 40mm drivers to provide a smaller size while providing clear sound. Ineo designed the EP02 headphones to be comfortable for long periods of time by using plush breathable ear cushions, which also assist with the noise cancelling, offering 13 to 18dB of isolation. To provide a clean, crisp sound, the frequency response is from 20Hz to 20KHz with a 110dB sensitivity rating. The Alienvibes EP02 are ideal for use with an MP3 player, Smartphone, or tablet, thanks to the included inline microphone and being self-powered by two AAA batteries.